Q: Can you accept exclusive design and custom design?
A: Absolutely. We welcome for exclusive design and custom design. Just send us your design by email or fax, complete with its specification then we will carry on. Further, we always honor our agreement with customers if you ask for exclusivity for your design. We will not sell then to another customer.

Q: Is it ok for the customer’s quality control?
A: Yes. Customer’s quality control could be check over the product from the raw material till the finished condition.

Q: How about guarantee of the products?
A: Please keep in mind that there would be transit time in which we never know what could be happen during the shipment period. If something happen to the product when it comes to your place, we shall address them immediately. We might replace product free after receiving proofs of damage that is really come from the PRODUCTION FAULT.
For any minor problem, we will send some components to fix it. In the most cases, we credit you for any charges incurred because of repairing at your end in the next invoice (next order). In this case, we suggest you to insurance your shipments as most problem usually because of the transport damage. Please note, however, we have fewer problems so far during our experience.

Q: How many motive that was had and how if customer had other motive?
A: Approximately we have had 120 motives with various measurements and the specification. If you had other motives, we will make the motive with the same measurement that in accordance with your request.

Q: Can you provide me a catalog of your products line?
A: Actually, we do not have catalog hard-copy yet, as we always make new items. By the way, our web site is our online catalog.

Q: How about the price.
A: prices that we provide in accordance with the agreement. we prepare with the FOB price or factory price. We also have cooperation with several forwarding or cargo that can handle the delivery. Our port is SEMARANG TANJUNG MAS INDONESIA. If you have order 50 pcs more we will give you the best price.

Q: What is your packing detail?
A: We use carton box for each mirror, and with wood pallet with ISPM # 15 standard (include ispm document). put label or code on carton box like the picture below.

Q. why should Venetian mirrors of choice for decors walls of your home?
A: because the Venetian mirrors can give a distinct impression. Besides being able to give the impression of width of the room, it can also provide beauty and elegant look. Because Venetian mirror is an antique engraved glass art that already have high artistic value since hundreds of years ago.